It has been great working with Tony, he is a skilled marketing consultant who created many marketing insights from the data we provided him and his team. The insights helped to identify opportunities for the business to increase revenue growth and drive more profits per rand of paid social advertising spend.

Simon Harvey, Vodacom
Dia Wilson

I wholeheartedly would recommend Tony as a an exceptional digital marketing consultant. His ability to utilize data to make decisions is second to none and enables him to make informed decisions that maximise marketing performance and growth. He has a strategic and entrepreneurial mindset and takes the time to understand the unique goals and needs of a business. He communicates exceptionally and is able to convey complex concepts and ideas in a clear and concise manner. Any business or organization would be fortunate to have Tony’s expertise and guidance when it comes to all things digital marketing.

Dia Wilson, Huawei

I had the pleasure of working with Tony for many years – we covering a breadth of marketing related disciplines over that time, with his digital marketing expertise coming to the fore. He’s constantly letting data & insights drive his thinking, and is a tireless team player!

Bruce Watermeyer, Digital Gaming Corporation
Silke Bosch

I have worked with Tony in the past and he is an experienced digital marketing consultant who can overcome any marketing challenges using diagnostic techniques and data insights. He has a great knowledge and it was always a pleasure to work with him.

Silke Bosch, Catena Media
Douglas Kemp

I have had the great privilege of working with Tony in various capacities within the SEO and Digital Marketing space. I am more than happy to endorse not only his skills in this arena but also his status as one of the leading minds in South Africa’s digital marketing landscape.

Tony possesses an easygoing and approachable demeanor, making him a pleasure to work with in both team and remote scenarios. His insights and depth of experience are hard-earned attributes, and when combined with his quick decision-making ability, competitors quickly realize that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Tony has the unique ability to clearly articulate what needs to happen across all levels, from directors to support staff. He translates technical jargon and banter into accessible language that everyone can understand. Taking the time to ensure everyone is aligned with the goals and outcomes necessary for the business to succeed is an incredible ability, particularly at the strategic level.

What I have enjoyed most about working with Tony is that he is not just another clock-watcher. He belongs to the old guard that understands businesses have a bottom line and consistently innovates and improvises better solutions given the resources available.

If it isn’t already evident from this description, I have the utmost respect for Tony, not only as a colleague but also as the true gentleman he is at his core.

Tasneem Domingo

Tony is an expert digital marketing consultant who uses proven diagnostic techniques and data insights to troubleshoot marketing challenges and advise on long-term solutions for sustainable revenue growth and profitability. Tony is also highly adept at keeping abreast of upcoming trends and facilitating innovative strategies that support digital teams forecasting and market growth.

Tasneem Domingo, AdForm
Julie-Anne Massey-Hicks

I had the pleasure of working with Tony and can highly recommend him as an astute and strategic digital marketer.

Tony is exceptional when it comes to using diagnostic techniques and data insights to identify marketing challenges and opportunities and is quick with a robust and well thought out digital strategy that delivers results both in the short, and more importantly, in the long-term.

Not only is Tony highly focused on results that drive sustainable revenue growth and profitability, but his work ethic and interpersonal skills make him an asset in his ability to mobilise multi-disciplinary teams/ individuals within organisations to deliver and exceed revenue objectives within the marketing sphere.

Tony is skilled at formulating and implementing detailed reporting processes and measures that are digestible at all levels of an organisation which in my experience, aided by in and swift implementation of the necessary change measures to improve and deliver results.

Julie-Anne Massey-Hicks, Eva-Last
Matthew Henry

Tony is truly an expert in digital Marketing and has proven it within a year of working together. He has grown the company’s digital reach and has dedicated his passion in helping any business in achieving growth whether big or small.

Matthew Henry, Top Dog Education
Justin Lavery

One thing that really stood out was Tony’s inclusiveness of all other departments to function together in helping achieve marketing goals. Not only did he provide base training for all of us to help us better understand the objectives but was always available for support. He really understands the role a team plays in making digital marketing goals achievable. He empowers those around him to not only make sure they feel apart of the vision but also empowers them to make valuable contributions.

Justin Lavery, Pratley
Dale Ferreira

Having worked on multiple occasions across several projects with Tony. I can only say that he is a safe and knowledgeable pair of hands. If you’re looking for a consistent performer, Tony is your guy.

Dale Ferreira, OMG Africa
Dano Fotiadis

In a world where caring is the ultimate currency, Tony is the richest person I know. Having worked alongside him and been across his work for over 15 years, I’ve experienced first hand the evolution of an expert digital marketing consultant who has ridden all the waves.

Tony is a measure-twice-cut-once proponent who relies deeply on data to substantiate what his experience and know-how are already telling him. This enables him to advise, solve and build for the long term, which is ultimately where the greatest gains lie.

He’s a helper who is happiest when those closest to him win, and I’ve relied on his assistance in more than one tricky situation — this makes his presence so valued. He’s a top gentleman to boot. I would recommend Tony without hesitation if consistent, sustainable, systematic growth is what you’re after.

Dano Fotiadis, Shopify
cecilia reineke

Tony’s excellent strategy made it possible for us to generate a steady stream of qualified leads from the first week of launching our business.

Cecilia Reineke, CambriLearn
Werner de Bruin

I have known and worked with Tony as a colleague or client for over 15 years. During this time Tony has grown from a Content Marketer to Digital Marketing Strategist capable of running any project from concept to implementation. His approach to troubleshooting challenges and using relevant data insights ensures that every cent is spent wisely and tracked to show ROI. Looking forward to working on future projects with you

Werner de Bruin, iServices Consulting
agnieszka barkhuizen

Tony developed a winning search strategy using insights from data, and coached our team to deliver results.

Agnieszka Barkhuizen, Osiris Trading
Dee Chetty

Tony is a data-driven digital guy that truly understands the technical intricacies of how the internet works & uses this deep understanding to drive marketing outcomes.

His level-headedness, work ethic & relentless focus on mapping his work back to business objectives make him a great consultant & partner to any organization needing digital help.

Dee Chetty, TransUnion

Tony is that rare breed of digital marketer: he knows the tech, is creative in design and a wordsmith. Tony is an expert at SEO, content creation, paid demand generation. But most importantly he understands consumer psychology and the need to communicate simply and effectively to build brand relationships. I’ve learnt so much about affiliate programmes from him, and continue to do so.

Hugo Mendes, CambriLearn
Rindy Janse Van Rensburg

Tony’s broad knowledge base allows him to take holistic approaches to digital projects, ensuring that all communication channels speak to each other and send out a uniform message. From someone that has worked under Tony’s leadership, I can assure any organisation that he will be a good fit for both the organisation and the employees that he will lead. He is mentor material and I feel that he still has a lot to contribute to the industry. I look forward to working with him again one day to achieve even greater heights.

Rindy Janse Van Rensburg, Liberty Group South Africa

Tony’s expertise helped us tap into digital strategies and tactics previously untapped!

Tim Campbell, Top Dog Education
Brigitte Santana

When I think of a digital know-how expert among my contacts, Tony is the first person who comes to mind.

When we worked side by side for almost two years, we had the mission to find digital solutions, sustainable in the long term, that would not only allow us to achieve our marketing objectives but also guarantee an important profitability margin for the company. Tony’s initiative and proactivity meant that the team was also so driven by his curiosity, that we worked together at full speed to extract data, analyse and project the best digital acquisition, conversion and growth curves.