My digital marketing experience extends back to 2003. Since then I have worked in multiple industries with teams across the globe to help businesses grow.

I am known for my data-driven strategic approach and for taking a broad view when solving business problems – read what people I have worked with have to say.

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Revenue Operations


Elevate your RevOps with strategy and advice based on more than 20 years of multi-industry experience.

Data Insights


Are you monitoring and measuring the right KPIs? Get true insight from your  data with dashboards and reports.

Marketing Technology


From AI to CRM, technology drives modern marketing. I help you select and implement the right martech solutions.

Sustainable Business


Does your business have a greater purpose, acting responsibly and sustainably while growing profitably?

Most businesses struggle with the following.

Can you relate?

  • We need more revenue and lower costs
  • Our marketing strategy is all over the place
  • Marketing, sales and service teams are not aligned
  • Our conversion rates are poor
  • We don’t know what return we’re getting from our marketing spend
  • Our marketing analytics and reporting is severely lacking
  • We want to focus our business practices on a greater purpose and sustainability

Let’s dive into specifics:

Tony Lopes Consultancy (TLC) addresses several key challenges for clients, particularly those aiming to optimise their revenue operations. Here are some of the main problems TLC helps to solve:

Integration of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service/Retention

Many businesses struggle to align these three critical areas, which can lead to inefficiencies and lost revenue. TLC provides strategies to integrate these functions smoothly, ensuring that efforts across these departments are coordinated and focused on common business goals.

TLC Solutions:

  • Implementation of integrated CRM solutions (such as HubSpot)
  • RevOps Alignment Workshops
  • Defining shared KPIs

Technological Adaptation and Optimisation

With the rapid pace of technological advancement, companies often find it challenging to keep up with the latest tools and software. TLC assists in selecting, implementing, and managing the right technologies that are most suitable for each client’s specific needs, enhancing overall operational efficiency and data utilisation.

TLC Solutions:

  • Technology audits
  • Custom technology recommendations
  • Technology implementation support

Data Management

Businesses today can easily become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data they collect. TLC specialises in organising, analysing, and interpreting this data, turning it into actionable insights that drive decision-making and improve business outcomes.

TLC Solutions:

  • Data and Business Intelligence audits
  • Data warehouse implementation and optimisation
  • BI tools recommendations
  • Real-time data feeds
  • Data visualisations and reporting

Efficiency and Productivity Issues

TLC helps companies streamline operations and eliminate redundant processes through effective RevOps strategies. This not only increases productivity but also optimises resource allocation and reduces operational costs.

TLC Solutions:

  • Processes and productivity reviews
  • Workflow design
  • Process automations
  • Project management and performance tools recommendations
  • Performance monitoring

Customer Acquisition and Retention

By improving the integration of marketing technologies and strategies, TLC enhances the effectiveness of efforts focused on acquiring and retaining customers. This is achieved through data-driven acquisition, conversion and retention strategies and tactics.

TLC Solutions:

  • Customer segmentation strategies
  • Lifecycle marketing strategies
  • Retention strategies and retention analysis
  • Acquisition, conversion and retention KPI definitions, reporting and monitoring

Scaling Challenges

As businesses grow, they often face difficulties in scaling their operations efficiently. TLC assists in building scalable RevOps frameworks that support growth without sacrificing service quality or operational control. This involves strategic planning and the deployment of scalable technologies.

TLC Solutions:

  • Scaling audits
  • Technology recommendations such as cloud solutions and infrastructure planning


Change Management

Implementing new technologies or processes can be disruptive. TLC facilitates smoother transitions by guiding companies through change management processes, ensuring that teams are aligned, trained, and ready to embrace new ways of working. This minimises disruption and enhances adoption rates.

TLC Solutions:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Training programs
  • Feedback mechanisms to monitor the pulse of change


Insight-Driven Marketing

Many businesses struggle to leverage their data effectively for marketing purposes. TLC provides expertise in marketing analytics, enabling clients to craft data-driven marketing strategies that are more likely to succeed because they are based on actual customer data and behavioural insights.

TLC Solutions:

  • Predictive analytics
  • Market and customer segmentation
  • KPIs and performance tracking


Compliance and Data Security

With increasing regulations around data privacy and security, businesses need to ensure they comply without hindering their operational capabilities. TLC helps navigate these complex regulations, ensuring that data handling practices meet current standards while supporting business objectives.

TLC Solutions:

  • Compliance audits
  • Policy development
  • Data security implementation


Resource Allocation

Identifying and allocating resources efficiently can be a challenge, especially for businesses with limited budgets. TLC aids in optimising resource allocation to ensure that investments in technology and people yield the highest returns.

TLC Solutions:

  • Resource mapping
  • Resource budgeting and budget optimisation
  • ROI analysis


Customer Experience Improvement

Enhancing customer experience is crucial for retention and brand loyalty. TLC uses insights from data analytics to improve customer interactions and service delivery, ensuring a positive customer experience across all touchpoints.

TLC Solutions:

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Service design improvements
  • Customer feedback loops


By addressing these challenges, TLC not only improves the operational efficiency of its clients but also significantly enhances their ability to grow and sustain revenue in a competitive market environment.