Expert Digital Marketing Consultant

Tony Lopes is an expert digital marketing consultant who advises renewable energy businesses on how to use their marketing data to gain actionable insights and implement growth strategies.

Education highlights:

  • Bachelor of Commerce majoring in strategic management, consumer psychology and internet marketing
  • HubSpot content marketing certifications
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager certifications
  • Diploma in Advertising majoring in copywriting

Areas of expertise:

  • Developing insights and strategy from marketing data
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Paid media advertising (Google Ads and Meta Ads)
  • Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing analytics
  • Content marketing

Tony has a wealth of experience spanning multiple industries, including gaming, automotive, insurance, online high schools, and online higher education.

Tony combines a holistic, business-centered approach with a strong commitment to data-informed decision-making.

As a seasoned digital marketing professional since 2002, Tony has built a reputation for his diligent use of marketing data to answer critical questions and make strategic decisions that benefit businesses as a whole.

He has recruited, managed and lead marketing teams both large and small and coached them to peak performance.

Tony’s unique approach, backed by his extensive industry experience, positions his consultancy as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to leverage data-driven marketing solutions to achieve sustainable growth and create a lasting impact in their respective fields.

You can connect with Tony on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Tony Lopes
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