Revenue Operations Consultant for Sustainable Industries

Marketing Consultant for Sustainable Industries

RevOps advice, strategy and implementation to grow purpose-driven companies

  • Acquisition: strategies and tactics to attract new clients, including Paid Media, SEO, Content Marketing and Organic lead generation
  • Conversion: sales optimisation, lead scoring, lead nurture and conversion communication strategies and tactics to turn leads into sales
  • Retention: drive ongoing client loyalty and advocacy while increasing client lifetime revenue through relevant retention interventions

  • Data-driven optimisation: ongoing improvements across the client lifecycle, led by an experienced RevOps consultant with insights from your data
Sustainable Digital Marketing Consultant

Tony Lopes

Sustainable Marketing Consultant


Smart decisions based on insights from data


Employees, clients and customers get equal love


Multi-disciplined growth expert

  • Specific Expertise: I specialise in sustainable, purpose-driven industries such as renewable energy, sustainable farming and related industries

  • Targeted Marketing, Sales and Retention Strategies: My expertise allows me to develop and implement targeted growth strategies that can effectively reach and engage the desired audience, driving brand awareness, lead generation, sales and revenue growth

  • Increased Online Presence: Through SEO, content marketing, social media strategies, email marketing and more, I help my clients enhance their online presence and visibility, critical in today’s digital-centric world

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: I use marketing analytics to provide valuable insights into marketing campaign performance, customer behavior and more. This data can guide decision-making and strategy adjustments, maximising ROI

  • Time and Resource Efficiency: By outsourcing their growth strategy to me, my clients free up time and resources to focus on other areas of the business

  • Long-Term Growth: Ultimately, the advice and strategy I provide to my clients is not just about short-term wins but developing a comprehensive growth strategy that drives long-term growth and success

Carina Mason

Tony is an incredibly smart, patient, and passionate person to collaborate with. I have worked with him on several projects throughout the years, and he has always brought with him a wealth of knowledge on all things digital marketing and social media. Tony is also my go-to source for all AI tech updates. He is deeply insightful and has earned his reputation as an industry expert. I look forward to seeing what he does next.

Tony is that rare breed of digital marketer: he knows the tech, is creative in design and a wordsmith. Tony is an expert at SEO, content creation, paid demand generation. But most importantly he understands consumer psychology and the need to communicate simply and effectively to build brand relationships. I’ve learnt so much about affiliate programmes from him, and continue to do so.

Hugo Mendes, CambriLearn

My certifications and qualifications

  • Google Analytics certified
  • Google Tag Manager certified

  • Facebook Advertising certified
  • Content Marketing certified

  • Diploma in Blogging and Content Marketing

  • HubSpot certified

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Strategic Management, Consumer Psychology and Digital Marketing

  • AAA School of Advertising Diploma in Advertising (Copywriting)

  • 20+ years experience in digital marketing (SEO, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, PPC and Marketing Analytics)

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