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Attract, Engage and Delight your Solar Clients

Attract, Engage and Delight your Solar Clients

Expert marketing, sales and service consulting for solar businesses

  • More qualified leads and solar clients

  • Strong returns on marketing and sales efforts
  • Loyal clients who sing your praises

  • Profitable growth of your solar business

Sustainable Marketing
Tony Lopes

You’re spending a lot of time and money on marketing. But how well is it working?

Your Google Ads and Facebook Ads are expensive and show poor results. You’re paying an SEO guy a lot but not seeing any growth. Your email campaigns are ignored and deleted. All this money and time spent and the growth you were expecting is just not there!

My name is Tony Lopes and I can help. My digital marketing career started in 2003 and since then I have launched and optimised effective marketing strategies and campaigns that have REAL results. My approach? Data-driven and customer-focused. These two factors combine to produce sustainable return on investment for my clients.

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Why should you work with me?


Smart decisions based on insights from data


Employees, clients and customers get equal love


Multi-disciplined digital marketing expert

  • Industry-Specific Expertise: I specialise in digital marketing for the renewable energy sector. This specific focus means I understand both the broader industry trends and the unique challenges your company faces

  • Targeted Marketing Strategies: My expertise in this niche allows me to develop and implement targeted marketing strategies that can effectively reach and engage the desired audience, driving brand awareness and lead generation

  • Increased Online Presence: Through SEO, content marketing, social media strategies, email marketing and more, I can help renewable energy companies enhance their online presence and visibility, critical in today’s digital-centric world

  • Sustainable Branding: I assist renewable energy companies in effectively communicating their commitment to sustainability, aligning their brand with the growing consumer preference for businesses that prioritise environmental responsibility

  • Competitive Advantage: I help renewable energy companies differentiate themselves in the competitive renewable energy market, positioning their unique solutions and value propositions effectively to attract customers

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: I use marketing analytics to provide valuable insights into marketing campaign performance, customer behavior and more. This data can guide decision-making and strategy adjustments, maximising marketing ROI

  • Time and Resource Efficiency: By outsourcing their digital marketing strategy to me, renewable energy companies can free up time and resources to focus on their core competencies, such as operations, technology development and service delivery

  • Long-Term Growth: Ultimately, the marketing advice and strategy I provide to renewable energy clients is not just about short-term wins but developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that drives long-term growth and success

Carina Mason

Tony is an incredibly smart, patient, and passionate person to collaborate with. I have worked with him on several projects throughout the years, and he has always brought with him a wealth of knowledge on all things digital marketing and social media. Tony is also my go-to source for all AI tech updates. He is deeply insightful and has earned his reputation as an industry expert. I look forward to seeing what he does next.

Tony is that rare breed of digital marketer: he knows the tech, is creative in design and a wordsmith. Tony is an expert at SEO, content creation, paid demand generation. But most importantly he understands consumer psychology and the need to communicate simply and effectively to build brand relationships. I’ve learnt so much about affiliate programmes from him, and continue to do so.

Hugo Mendes, CambriLearn

My certifications and qualifications

  • Google Analytics certified
  • Google Tag Manager certified

  • Facebook Advertising certified
  • Content Marketing certified

  • Diploma in Blogging and Content Marketing

  • HubSpot certified

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Strategic Management, Consumer Psychology and Digital Marketing

  • AAA School of Advertising Diploma in Advertising (Copywriting)

  • 20+ years experience in digital marketing (SEO, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, PPC and Marketing Analytics)


What type of companies do you work with?2023-05-18T07:27:16+00:00

I work with companies in the renewable energy sector. This includes solar energy, wind power, geothermal, biomass energy, battery storage, electric vehicle and related industries.

What value do I get for investment in your consulting services?2023-05-02T16:36:33+00:00

My clients compensate me for the insights, ideas and strategies I bring after more than 20 years of digital marketing in highly competitive industries. Implementation of my advice and recommendations result in measurable improvements in profitability and other KPIs I help you establish.

Do you do the implementation work?2023-05-02T16:32:01+00:00

I am only one person and I cannot implement all the recommendations and advice by myself. As a result, I work best with clients who have access to implementation teams such as copywriters, designers, web developers, business intelligence specialists and technology specialists. I can bring in specialists from my own network at an additional cost.

Are there any long-term contracts?2023-05-02T16:29:27+00:00

No. I engage my clients on a month-to-month basis. I require 30 days written notice if you want to stop working with me. You will be charged a full month for the notice period as we wrap things up. I recommend engagements of no less than 3 months, and usually 6 to 12 months, for effective results.

How much do you charge?2023-05-02T16:24:24+00:00

My current hourly rate is USD 60 (sixty US dollars) per hour. I charge no more and no less than USD 960 (nine hundred and sixty US dollars) per month per client. Each client gets 3 to 4 hours of my time per week for their investment.

How much time do you allocate per client per week?2023-05-02T16:13:36+00:00

I can currently allocate 3 to 4 hours per week to each client. This is sufficient time to conduct the necessary marketing audits and create the marketing strategies for your teams to implement.

Do you physically work in your clients offices?2023-05-02T15:38:52+00:00

No. I work remotely. I can visit clients if it makes sense from a cost point of view but I work independently and remotely.

What time zones do you work in? Africa, UK and Europe2023-05-02T16:48:16+00:00

I work in time zones in or near the UK and Europe. This allows for maximum overlap. I can work with clients in other time zones but this means managing time overlaps.

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Are you ready to profitably grow your renewable energy business?

Are you ready to profitably grow your renewable energy business?