Turn business data into rocket fuel for sustainable growth

Turn business data into rocket fuel for sustainable growth

I help purpose-driven businesses use insights from data to implement growth strategies

Blast off

An experienced Business Data Strategist for your purpose-driven business

Why work with me?

Here’s the clear and measurable value proposition from engaging me as your marketing team’s coach:

  • Improved marketing performance
  • Increased return on your advertising spend and marketing efforts (ROI)
  • Greater insights into customer behaviour for long-term revenue growth

Who would benefit from my coaching services?

Established marketing teams in mid- to large-sized purpose-driven companies (renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, animal welfare, climate and sustainability, for example) would most benefit from my coaching services.

What does my coaching programme provide?

  • Actionable insights from your marketing data
  • Clear guidance for your marketing teams
  • Effective strategies to grow your business

My coaching programme includes training on data analysis, best practices for using insights to drive growth and coaching on specific growth strategies customised for your business.

What makes me a good coach for your marketing team?

  • I’ve been a professional, qualified digital marketer since 2002, working across multiple industries from gaming to insurance to education
  • I’ve led and managed marketing teams large and small, across multiple time-zones, in-office and remotely
  • I am driven by the desire to work for good in a sustainable industry that’s good for society and life on Earth
  • I love coaching and growing people to become the best marketers they can be
  • My expertise is broad and spans across paid media, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, marketing automation and marketing data
  • My approach is holistic and data-driven and I show people how to question and use data to implement effective strategies with measurable growth outcomes

How will you know if my coaching is working?

I teach your marketing team how to measure KPIs and implement growth strategies. The proof is in the results.

How long is a typical coaching engagement?

I typically work with teams for 6 to 12 months but often for longer as new business opportunities arise and the team changes.

Tony Lopes

Hi, I’m Tony Lopes

Hi, I’m Tony Lopes

I’m a Business Data Strategist who coaches the marketing teams in purpose-driven companies.

The question I ask my clients is:

“Do you want your marketing team to become peak-performance experts at turning insights from marketing data into strategies that result in sustainable growth?”

You are here because you want to

Develop a company culture that uses data insights to implement effective marketing strategies

Develop a company culture that uses data insights to implement effective marketing strategies


I guide your marketing team on how to identify the right KPIs for their areas


I show your team how to collect, analyse and interpret relevant marketing data


I help your team develop the skills to create and implement data-driven strategies from marketing data insights


Mission Statement

I empower purpose-driven marketing teams to achieve sustainable growth by coaching them to transform complex marketing data into actionable insights and implement effective strategies.



My vision is to be a leading marketing data strategy consultancy, renowned for coaching marketing teams to be their very best to create positive and lasting impacts in their industries and communities.